FULL NAME : Amrit Pal Singh

HEIGHT : 6’2” (188 CM)

WEIGHT : 92 kg (202 LBS)

DATE OF BIRTH : 14 June 1988

OWNER : M/s Mission Fitness

BIRTH PLACE : Punjab (India)


I landed into sports at a very young age of just 10 years, have been a player of 5 types of games including athletics in school; body building and power lifting at college - took extensive lessons on nutrition and personal training.

I am blessed to have worked for the best gyms in the city as a 'FITNESS TRAINER' with lot of learning & gained valuable experience. After studies, I transformed my body completely and turned fitness modelling into a career.

I have been helping people (including many celebrities) since then to reach their fitness goals and adopting a healthy lifestyle. I feel privileged to be the reason behind many lives being saved from depression, inferiority complex & lack of confidence. Soon, I started spreading motivational thoughts on social media purely based on personal and surrounding experiences to keep my followers going.